No Stress Chess - Chess Teaching Set

No Stress Chess - Chess Teaching Set
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Chess is one of most monumental games in mankind's history of games. Its origins have been traced as far back as 600 AD and has always stood as a game of eloquent strategy and intense mental competiton. From Kings to erratic geniuses to kids just gaining an interest, Chess finds an incredibly wide and lasting appeal.

There are a lot of Chess games out there designed to cater to beginners and newcomers but unlike the others, No Stress Chess teaches this age old strategy game in a comfortable and truly stress free way. Illustrated action cards and a double sided board – one side with hints and tips – help ease new players into the game and concepts with as much or as little assistance as they prefer! With No Stress Chess you simply learn as you play; picking up more knowledge and comfort with every card.

  • 1. Deck of 56 Action Cards and card tray.
  • 2. 1 Set of White and 1 set of Black Staunton Chess pieces.
  • 3. A 2 sided game board; one side with hints, the other blank.
  • 4. Full rules.
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