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Handbags - Playing Cards
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Do you love handbags? Do you adore the buckles, clasps, straps, patterns, lining, stitching, and more? Then these cards might offer you a bit of purse paradise, handbag heaven, an array of clutch clutches!
This deck celebrates fashion and accessorizing with style, wit, and a hint of luxury. Early classics to fashion forward statements of trend, it's like Dior would say, "A beautiful handbag makes you feel like a duchess."

More than 52 unique images of purses, handbags, and even some of the celebrities who favored them, decorate the faces of these cards. An additional insert features a bit of history and insight into the Art of the Bag.

For over 180 years, the Piatnik name has been synonymous with playing cards. Each year, Piatnik produces over 25 million high-quality and unique playing cards.

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